Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Life in solitude is always deemed to be unticing yet the fears of living with the other half crepts on to many. The subject of freedom is been questioned & challenged here, the usual haunts with friends that allows the little extra space of discreet flirtations no longer available when one is considered "taken" or "unavailable". What one will give for absolute companionship while another will forgone for the sake of freedom. What is the perfect life? The security of a husband that you share your house & car instalments with, the kind of life you have to make your daily decaf expessos with his morning coffee with the oh so normal & the usual "dearie I love you"? Or the high life of a single whom you can just go with the flow with any invites to the poshiest & most happening clubs in town, a random coffee luncheon with a long time not seen but not forgotten eligible hunk sans playboy with a maybe naughty afterthought involved for the fun of it? The choice is tough especially when you know that you will be nearing to the used by date & becoming christmas cake after christmas. Call it paranoia but its the cold harsh reality. Will you choose to be the free-spirited Samantha Jones or the quick to be reigned by married life Carrie Bradshaw? Fairy tales or Scary tales, u decide...

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Shoes J'adore..

A girl's love for beautiful shoes is so strong coz in every girl's heart, there is always the beautiful hope to be the Cinderella in search of her lovely glass slippers or the sorrowful mermaid who yearns to have the perfect legs to wear them...

wAts 4 meNu toNitE??

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