Monday, January 29, 2007

wEddin' BellS.. gOes d@ng diNg dOng..

Lil' Nootti quote of the Day..

Hard Men
are Good to Get, Good Men are Hard to Get... wicked but true

i have been receiving a few invitations for wedding this year (gosh! 4 in total & more to come!) & began to feel a tinge of jealousy though.. all the glistening rocks on the delicate fingers of the blissful bride-to-be, the bashful look when the brides shared their romantic re-enactment of the wedding proposals, all so fairytale like.

Well at least it gives me all the reason to help them with my wedding specialty.. Wedding Solemnisation @ Essential Brew.. (hope u all love the pics!)

Hand-made Ring Pillow & Floral Centrepiece (by me!!)

Decor Setting

RoSe deLight

sIzzling @ Bar Cocoon in Forbidden City

lil' e-invite for the chic party... by

The gathering with my sC pals @ the cozy pavilion of the Bar Cocoon was a huge success!!!
Everybody did turned up as promised & we all had a great time catching up with each other with all the hugs & kisses & lotsa fun photos (will upload them soon in my next few blogposts!).
Really appreciates that everyone do made the effort to be there & especially Joanne, who had actually come all the way from Kallang after her concert (which is super far from Clarke Quay & it was already like 11pm!) - amidst all the transport inconveniences of not able to get any cabs and having no mrt coming to the central direction.
I began to feel that, no matter where we are, all our hearts are always intertwined & as we embarked on each phrase of our life journeys, we are never apart.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

New Regime, New Lifestyle

I will be embarking on a new regime for myself with strict rules to stick by as of today!

Tired of being easily ill-stricken by the lack of beauty sleep & the erratic weather, (note: i was lying in bed for 5 straight days due to stomach flu & food poisoning that induced high fever of 39.5 deg. celcius + deadly diarrhoea, horror of all horrors!!!) I have decided to be more conscious of my overall well-being.

New World, My Rules:

Food intake:

- No more adventurous tries on unknown food items
- Make a point to shop for fresh fruits rather than my fav sweets & chocs
- No more chilli.. curry or laksa (sobz...)
- No more fav. calamari & chix wings (byebye to yummy..)


- Hit the Gym 3 days a week, 2 hrs per session (gotta work those abs & muscles, again)
- Hit the swimming pool 2 times a week, 3 hrs per session
- Take up tennis again (anybody can provide the racquets for me pls?)
- Walk from Shaw centre to Cityhall for shopping (this is more fun!)

Hmm... i really wonder how long i can hold on to the regime.. need to be really discipline enuff though...

At least I managed to be on the treadmill for 30mins, did 3 sets of the weights & 150 times of body crunches & swam for 30mins.. not bad for a start!
But aren't I real hungry at the end of it all, had Soya Bean drink (from home), chomped down the Jasmine Caper Salmon and a piece of the Breaded Mussels @ Ebrew, can't resist the food temptations though, and my forever yummy ZOC, hey, there's lemon in it so shouldn't be much calories involved..

Well, the only sinful indulgence that I let myself into this evening is the irresistable Choc Fudge Cake @ Weizhen's bday, muz eat coz it's so inviting & it feels that it actually is sweet-talking to me to juz gobbled it down at once.

Had a really great chat with Van today, finally able to see her after so long ever since she joined SIA as their up & coming promising air-stewardess. Gotta to know her chic pilot, I will say she does have a way of knowing eligible bachelors & kinda quite a number of them, so well lets say its eye-candy for all of us! Well, she will be flying off again on next monday so juz gonna wait till she comes back. Soon after, met up with Ereen too to view her beautiful scrapbook collections and special card designs, totally awed by her talent for her craftworks, so pple if wanna customised cards & scrapbook as gifts, juz let me know ya?

Friday, January 26, 2007

Ignorance is bliss... so to speak.. really!?

Someone once told me:

"Although he had shattered my world, he was still my best friend. He was the one who had wounded me - but he was also the only one who could really comfort me.
Humans are really weird sometimes.
So who cares if he fell in love with a man, he is still the charming & loving chap i always remember to have by my bedside for the past 10 years. "

Sometimes i really wonder... is it humans' vulnerability towards loneliness or is it juz purely being accustomed to have that special one around in your daily life that one juz can't let go?

Can pure love really triumphed everything else, even the slightest flaw in a relationship & causes one to fall into deeper delusion as time passes by?

Declining the sweetness of dangerous temptations... can you do it?

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

In mY p[L]ayList - nO pRomises

my current favourite song.. the gal in the mtv is so pretty!!

laTest a+dditions to my page..

~ Love is a condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own ~

Finally got all my little add-ons up and running... the lil' poll which will be changed constantly as time past.. to enjoy a little fun for those who drop by my page, and the yummy food recipe part etc etc... Phew, adding these items really take a lot of my time, literally a lot of time, took me like half a day (okie, i admit its not that kua zang lar coz i do squeeze time in between for my dinner - sharkfin's soup, post-dinner cum supper pizza treats & ice-cream while watching the telly)

Chance upon a webbie that states the way each horoscope personnel actually consumes and buys chocolates... anyway since Valentine's Day is round the corner, no harm observing the way your love one gets the chocs for you.. however, i dun know how true this is so its all up to you to believe! Have fun sussing out the lil' unknown personality thru the way that special one buys the chocs for you!

aries - eats all the chocs in one sitting (coz its so yummy but i do share!)
taurus - tends to buy 2 boxes of chocs & leave the orange-flavoured ones for you (hmm.. so weird.. but i like dark chocs lehz so can trade or not arhz?)
gemini - makes their chocs choices by sticking their finger in each piece (ewww... hope my dearie is not like that!!)
cancer - draws it out to make the smallest box of chocs last for a month (wah sure or not, then how come my bro always finishes his chocs so fast?)
leo - likes to own all the chocs 1st (i suggest go meet Mr Willy Wonka & change your name to Charlie!)
virgo - cuts their chocs into small, manageable bites with a fork & knife (can be the 1st to conduct choc eating etiquette class.. not bad hor..)
libra - chooses 2 boxes of chocs, white chocs & dark chocs.. 1 for you & 1 for them (casanova!)
scorpio - can't resist rubbing chocs all over their partner & licking it off (ooooouu, then sure can buy me all the products from victoria secrets right?)
sagittarius - only orders foreign chocs (hmm.. hope not from some forsaken place in the world)
capricorn - seeks perfection in picking truffles of the best variety (...but i am not perfect so will you still choose me?)
aquarius - skips chocs altogether coz they prefer carob & raisin health bars (so healthy meh?)
pisces - tends to share all the chocs and forget to leave 1 for himself/herself (probably expired ones.. beware)

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

b(e) uti [fo0L] dEtails

5pm: (t)Rip (t)rop.. around racks & racks of merchandise - Groceries shopping @ shengshiong today (why there? coz the things are really cheap!)
Bought quite a number of stuffs for ebie and some cNy goodies - sweets, salted seaweed & bottles of green tea & root beer for my family (i know its like way too early to buy but i dun wanna wait till the last minute & i can also pig on the goodies early, yummy!)

7.30pm: bRuner (self invented word lar, which means breafast + lunch + dinner)
i have fRied hokkiEn mEE, fRied oySter & my faV sUgarcane (grande size) with dEarie while watching tV = siM[p]le bliss...

9pm: revamping my little blog here & there which is quite tedious and time consuming, took like 5 hrs plus but nonetheless, tada, my latest add-ons are done! hope u all will like it... :)

gotta go snooze already... yawnz... after facing moi laptop for so long...

Monday, January 22, 2007

peaCe is bliSS...

Amidst all the busy rushing and overworking my little brain, simple pleasures in life seems to be the absolute indulgence for me at this moment.
Sipping my fav Caramel Macchiato or ZOC (thats only available in eb, beg me for the recipe!) and lazing around, listening to my cds which i had bought for ages and haven't let them see the lights of the day (gosh, they are still in their plastic wraps..), not worrying abt anything (even it means the sky gonna crash any minute, am i sucha a saddist.. haha..) that is what i call luxuries.. not even my manolo or my chloe bags can satisfy me in any way close to this..

i am also glad that i gotta the chance to follow up on all my frens' lives and so happy that everyone is enjoyin' what they are doin' at this point of their lives.

it had been rainin' alot lately, causing alot of inconveniences especially gotta travel alot... & how do i wish to juz lie in bed & snooze...

Looking @ the calendar... can't wait for 27th Jan to come where i had planned a gathering with my gal pals from sc.. first time planning for all of us.. really hope it will go well.. nonetheless having them attending in the 1st place already sets my thrill level on a high note and somehow realise how much i miss them terribly..

Sunday, January 21, 2007

my first post....

Yeahzzz.... finally my first ever blog after seems like ages to create one and after much nagging from moi frens to have one. Well... so long for my first entry but will promise to update my life frequently (if possible) amidst all the busy schedules.

wAts 4 meNu toNitE??

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loVer's waVes

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