Monday, January 29, 2007

sIzzling @ Bar Cocoon in Forbidden City

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The gathering with my sC pals @ the cozy pavilion of the Bar Cocoon was a huge success!!!
Everybody did turned up as promised & we all had a great time catching up with each other with all the hugs & kisses & lotsa fun photos (will upload them soon in my next few blogposts!).
Really appreciates that everyone do made the effort to be there & especially Joanne, who had actually come all the way from Kallang after her concert (which is super far from Clarke Quay & it was already like 11pm!) - amidst all the transport inconveniences of not able to get any cabs and having no mrt coming to the central direction.
I began to feel that, no matter where we are, all our hearts are always intertwined & as we embarked on each phrase of our life journeys, we are never apart.

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