Wednesday, January 24, 2007

laTest a+dditions to my page..

~ Love is a condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own ~

Finally got all my little add-ons up and running... the lil' poll which will be changed constantly as time past.. to enjoy a little fun for those who drop by my page, and the yummy food recipe part etc etc... Phew, adding these items really take a lot of my time, literally a lot of time, took me like half a day (okie, i admit its not that kua zang lar coz i do squeeze time in between for my dinner - sharkfin's soup, post-dinner cum supper pizza treats & ice-cream while watching the telly)

Chance upon a webbie that states the way each horoscope personnel actually consumes and buys chocolates... anyway since Valentine's Day is round the corner, no harm observing the way your love one gets the chocs for you.. however, i dun know how true this is so its all up to you to believe! Have fun sussing out the lil' unknown personality thru the way that special one buys the chocs for you!

aries - eats all the chocs in one sitting (coz its so yummy but i do share!)
taurus - tends to buy 2 boxes of chocs & leave the orange-flavoured ones for you (hmm.. so weird.. but i like dark chocs lehz so can trade or not arhz?)
gemini - makes their chocs choices by sticking their finger in each piece (ewww... hope my dearie is not like that!!)
cancer - draws it out to make the smallest box of chocs last for a month (wah sure or not, then how come my bro always finishes his chocs so fast?)
leo - likes to own all the chocs 1st (i suggest go meet Mr Willy Wonka & change your name to Charlie!)
virgo - cuts their chocs into small, manageable bites with a fork & knife (can be the 1st to conduct choc eating etiquette class.. not bad hor..)
libra - chooses 2 boxes of chocs, white chocs & dark chocs.. 1 for you & 1 for them (casanova!)
scorpio - can't resist rubbing chocs all over their partner & licking it off (ooooouu, then sure can buy me all the products from victoria secrets right?)
sagittarius - only orders foreign chocs (hmm.. hope not from some forsaken place in the world)
capricorn - seeks perfection in picking truffles of the best variety (...but i am not perfect so will you still choose me?)
aquarius - skips chocs altogether coz they prefer carob & raisin health bars (so healthy meh?)
pisces - tends to share all the chocs and forget to leave 1 for himself/herself (probably expired ones.. beware)

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