Tuesday, January 23, 2007

b(e) uti [fo0L] dEtails

5pm: (t)Rip (t)rop.. around racks & racks of merchandise - Groceries shopping @ shengshiong today (why there? coz the things are really cheap!)
Bought quite a number of stuffs for ebie and some cNy goodies - sweets, salted seaweed & bottles of green tea & root beer for my family (i know its like way too early to buy but i dun wanna wait till the last minute & i can also pig on the goodies early, yummy!)

7.30pm: bRuner (self invented word lar, which means breafast + lunch + dinner)
i have fRied hokkiEn mEE, fRied oySter & my faV sUgarcane (grande size) with dEarie while watching tV = siM[p]le bliss...

9pm: revamping my little blog here & there which is quite tedious and time consuming, took like 5 hrs plus but nonetheless, tada, my latest add-ons are done! hope u all will like it... :)

gotta go snooze already... yawnz... after facing moi laptop for so long...

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