Monday, January 29, 2007

wEddin' BellS.. gOes d@ng diNg dOng..

Lil' Nootti quote of the Day..

Hard Men
are Good to Get, Good Men are Hard to Get... wicked but true

i have been receiving a few invitations for wedding this year (gosh! 4 in total & more to come!) & began to feel a tinge of jealousy though.. all the glistening rocks on the delicate fingers of the blissful bride-to-be, the bashful look when the brides shared their romantic re-enactment of the wedding proposals, all so fairytale like.

Well at least it gives me all the reason to help them with my wedding specialty.. Wedding Solemnisation @ Essential Brew.. (hope u all love the pics!)

Hand-made Ring Pillow & Floral Centrepiece (by me!!)

Decor Setting

RoSe deLight

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Squareface said...

Hey these are very nice!

wAts 4 meNu toNitE??

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