Friday, February 9, 2007

luCk haS it? Nah...

Maybe i have not say my prayers before i went out of my house.. maybe things juz happened for a reason.. maybe life has its little twists & turns to make it more fascinating.. but being down with luck is not what i expected when i have an appointment to attend & when i am in an urgent rush.

13 things that happens which warns one to stay indoors by hook or by crook....

No. 1: Spilled liquid foundation on ur fav. dress that leaves sucha a big ugly blotch at the front.(its still okie, coz juz change into another new outfit.. that's wat i told myself..)

No. 2: Spilled half of my face powder on the dressing table & have to spend 15mins to clean up the stupid mess. (i reassure myself that i juz need to quickly clear up the mess & its not that bad..)

No. 3: my house keys decided to play hide & seek with me.. 10mins wasted..

finally i got out of my house.. so things gonna be fine.. & so i thought...

No. 4: the only way to get to my destination in time is cab.. but juz when i need it, not a single one in sight.. wasted quite a while waiting..

No. 5: finally a cab in sight!! (my day is not that bad afterall..ha yeah rite..) boarded it & the time is 5.01pm.. i have juz incurred the $2 peak hour surcharge.

No. 6: told the cabby that i am going to Clarke Quay mrt station & was juz msging my client the time that i will reach the place when... beep.. my phone went dead.. totally zero batt left.. (what?! this is not happening..)

No. 7: asked the cabby if he has a nokia phone charger... coz some do charge their mobiles in their cab.. he says: "Sorry, i today forgot to bring lehz.." (never mind...)

No. 8: trapped in a jam juz a mere 5 minutes away from my destination.. additional 15mins wasted.. (breathe, breathe!)

No. 9: when u thought u'll be alighting at Clarke Quay mrt.. instead u landed at Liang Court taxi stand.. i told the cabby that I am going to the Clarke Quay MRT Station not Liang Court, he says: "huh? Clarke Quay where got MRT Station? Since when? aiyah here also can larhz, same same." (thats it! i paid my fare & i juz wanna out of the cab!)

No. 10: Peak surcharge + ERP surchage + traffic jam additonal waiting charge + normal fare = a whopping $18.20... (juz burned a hole in my wallet..)

No. 11: fantically looking for a public phone to call my client... none in sight! (Wasted 10mins)

No. 12: decided to walk to Clarke Quay mrt (in my killer heels...) & found a public phone.. (at last!) client says: "I am over at Haagen Dazs Cafe at The Cannery, so you come over."

No. 13: Finally i met the client at the designated location (of which at this point, my feet already hurt like crazy thanks to all the throtting around..) She says: "actually i got something to show you.. this product is quite gd to use......" (why am i here in the 1st place?)

I kinda felt cheated in a way... maybe i shld have heeded all the signs... oh well....

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