Friday, February 23, 2007

maRketin' gaLore.. aUntie-like already?.. haha.. says who?

Breathing the fresh air with the fragrance of the morning dew into my system marks the beginning of a beautiful day.. unable to fall asleep after been up for the previous night.. go marketin' with mum is a good idea after all.

As the birds are chirping, people squeezing up the crowded bus to work, (gosh! the bus look like its gonna explode anytime with all the passengers on board! geez, am i so glad that i am not one of them..) the market is already bustling with so many people (trust me, really alot of people till i gotta sqeeze my way through to move around..) apparently everyone knows my mum very well, with all the hellos & new year greetings from all the stallowners, (oh did i mention the ever so astonished look on their faces & their "oh my, ur daughter so big already ar?"..gosh! makes me feel so OLD.. when they saw me & found out that i am my mum's daughter..) i start to love the lively spirit of the place already.

..... amidst passing through all the fishes, poultry, veg & fruits stalls & having fun telling my mum the right way to choose the stuffs & which items are the freshest.. & putting my bargaining skills to good use.. my mum suddenly said to me: "my gal, i didn't know you know so much.. "

i grinned. (can't let her know the secret.. isn't it?)


the orangeboy said...

xin nian kuai le~~

from someone of a long time ago..

kevin... :)

cRaneY / shuFfy said...

hello... long time no see!! =) surprise to see u though! Happy Xin Nian to you too!

wAts 4 meNu toNitE??

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loVer's waVes

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