Thursday, March 22, 2007

L is for the way u LOOK at me
O is for the only ONE I see
V is VERY VERY extraordinary
E is EVERYTHING u meant to me

~ trust me, i will surmount all obstacles ~

Monday, March 19, 2007

wHen yOu aSk mE "wHen..."

when we 1st talked for so much on the bus journey back, when you smiled at me with your mega-watt smile, when you told me all abt your dreams & aspirations, when we baked desserts together, when we spent time doing accounts together, when we worked hand-in-hand to send valentine's day blessings to the many couples out there together with our handmade desserts, when we were watching movies together on my sofa, when you learned how to sing chinese songs for me, when we strolled by the beach in East Coast Park, when we gazed at the loving scenery on top of Kent Ridge Park & Mount Faber, when we were at Tanjong Beach & Botanical Gardens, when we raced against time shopping in Australia, when everytime you drive & I sat by your side, when i looked at you from afar at your charming look while you were working, while you asked me hows my day, when we were both fell ill in bed, when you rushed me to the doctor for my 1st burnt arm, when you sent me little surprises to me while appearing at my door-step, when everytime you hug me to sleep, when we watched movies together in the cinema, when you know I was cold & warmed me up with your touch, when we ate seafood together, when we checked out every nice food joint together, when we were on holiday in Bintan, Hong Kong, Thailand & Australia, when we go for events together, when we went to Cirque du Soleil together, when we danced salsa together, when we 1st went to salsa fiesta together, when we danced at Millenia Fountain together, when we 1st danced at the salsa festival together, when we 1st went clubbin' together, when we 1st met each others' frens, when we played video games together, when we teased each other, when we joined the rally race together, when you cooked for me, when you planned for my bday, when we took photos together, when we spent every precious moments together...

when i have the luxury to buy food for you, when i cooked for you, when i washed & ironed your clothes, when i have the luxury to think of you, when i tell you i love you, when i write you a love poem, when i sang for you, when you stroked my hair, when you 1st bought an extra set of toothbrush & place it in your bathroom, when you brought your 1st set of clothes to my house, when you have me in your eyes, when you messaged me sweet smses, when i send loving ecard to you, when you tell me you love me, when i breathe the air that you breathe, when my life is filled with you, when I have the luxury to cry for you...

When you ask me "when am i happy..."

All becoz "You are my True Love"... alwayz..

tHe aRt Of uPseLLin'

this question posted by someone has been pondering in my mind for the longest time ever: "why can't they upsell?"
probably they dun care, for those who care, probably its juz no one to really guide them on the right tactics to do that (not everyone is born with the natural flair to persuade others to purchase sumthing..)
many a times, when we are in the food service industry, we tend to neglect the importance of upselling the products.. remember the golden words: "a few extra dollars really helps.. coz its gonna be a million dollars before you know it."
hence i derived some techniques to upsell & outsell: (it might help u to get out of ur stagnant position as a low rank employee..)

1) when the customers ask for ice-water in the restaurant:
you can jolly ask them to perhaps order the restaurant's specialty drinks & make a few popular recommendations (it will be great with the help of pictures..) & tada u've juz earn a few bucks for the company, and for the superb recommendations, u might earn for yourself some tips from the customers as well!

2) when the customers only ordered drinks in the restaurant:
you can ask them if they like to have some food to go along with the drinks.. if they are full from an earlier dinner somewhere else, perhaps can recommend some desserts or light finger food to last them thru the night.

3) making use of promotions:
i am sure every establishments here & there do have some marketing promos, so make use of them for your own convenience.. no only are you doing the customers a favor for letting them make the best out of their $$$ & also earning some credits for urself (u might not know, the customers will write in to ur boss to compliment u for your kind services & for havin' their interests at heart, new hope for urself to climb the company's hierarchy ladder!)

4) know ur products very well:
by understanding what u are selling inside out & outside in, u are already an edge above ur fellow colleagues & u might be deemed as their Mr-Know-it-all so muz go to him for help if i dun want a big kiss-my-ass lashing from the boss (extra bonus: more of the "i own u one dude" meals! great when u are tight on ur wallet for that month), self-esteem instant booster & being a great philantrophist at the same time, there's nothing to lose!

with a lil' initiative to help the company upsell, you will get the desired returns in no time!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

sO maNy tHings tO dO...

been really busy with the plannin' of my burfdae party @ essential brew... that i barely have time for other things.. juz realise that there are stuffs that i really gotta get down to doing..

1) Update my lil' bloggie more often
2) Visit to the dentist
3) Set appointment for eyebrow shapin' (gosh, its gettin' thicker!)
4) Clean out clothes that aren't on my list of styles to wear & probably can sell them at the flea market (not bad.. can still earn some $$$)
5) Change the layout of my room (one of my new year resolution is to change the design of my room every 3 months.. and its a already mid-march & i haven't even get to it yet..)

as for now.. gonna continue with makin' the stuffs for the decor for my party... Baroque-style Masquerade theme.. what a challengin' theme to establish... hope it turns out good...

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

preView.. eXcluSiVe InviTes

mY fellOw frens.. dO checK uR emaIL fOr the Invites!! DetAiLs aLL sTatEd inSide!

Saturday, March 3, 2007

Makansutra - SeafOOd & DesseRt decaDence.. anniversary bliss!

time really flies & its already 2 years.. the 2 years that are filled with tears & joyful moments, tension turmoil & tender loving care all rolled into one but nonetheless i know that deep down in our hearts, we both really cared abt each other and had grown very much used to each other in our lives.

...juz wanna let you know... i really loves you!
(...enuff of the mushy, hair-standing words)
..folks, now i shall fill you all in on my sumptuous dining journal..

Anniversary Dinner @ Meritus Mandarin Triple 3 Buffet Restaurant!

buffet spread:
abt 40 to 50 items ranging from succulent seafood to meats & delicious desserts!

the divine:
Scallops! ..plenty of juicy fresh gigantic scallops! (i took a whole plate of it & of course haf a 2nd helpin' to it as well!)
Rush for the Southern Tiger Prawns!... fresh prawns sauteed to a perfection in garlic & white wine!
Fresh Oysters with Zesty Lemon Juice.. love that the chef cleanses the oysters so well that one can't taste the seawater & the sea-mud taste (a must-try for a romantic nightout for its proven aphrodisiac attribute!)
Fresh Salmon Sashimi.. cut in the perfect thickness and melts instantly in the mouth! Oishi!
Smoked Salmon with Black Caviar in mini shotglass (i feel like a million bucks after trying this!)

the disappointment: (gosh... how could it be...)
the Slipper Lobster.. the flesh is kinda dried & tough, guess been left on the serving pan for too long that it got overcooked, heard from numerous sources that the lobster is supposed to be the best though..
the Lamb Sticks, too tough to be consumed, has been overdone, took one bite & i can't stop chewing for 5mins!

the romantics cried "Must-try or will die!":
3 tiers Chocolate Fondue in fresh strawberries & sweet marshmallows
Mini Mango Cheesecake.. loves its thick & creamy feel
Chocolate Creme Brulee with Raspberry.. purrfect combination
Assortment of Chocolate Pralines.. once you pop you will never stop!

areN't u drOOlin' @ the luScious desseRts alreaDy! Yummy!

the extras:
song dedication by dearie for a song from Michael Buble by this trio-band that plays & sings for us live at our table!

the $$:
a whopping $70+++ per pax (weekend rate).. its a hotel so one can't hope for cheaper than this price.. (psst.. can go for the 10% discount offered to UOB & HSBC cardmembers!)

Overall rating:

(shld brush up on the slipper lobster & the lamb!)

the day ended with a sweet note with a stay home movie... bliss!

Friday, March 2, 2007

Makansutra: Crabs fiEsta..

Dinner last night was satisfying and unforgetable.. coz i have the most yummy & finger-lickin' gd crabs with dear dear at this zhi-cha place called Master Crab at Ghim Moh (blk 19, Ghim Moh Rd, opp. Ulu Pandan CC, where the Mac's used to be).

Food tasting goes:

Choice for the day:
1 plate of blackpepper crabby (500g)
1 plate of chilli crabby (600g)
1 big plate of Seafood Hot Plate Tofu
1 plate of Oatmeal Prawns

...i know we are quite a pig, ordering so much for 2 pax... but anyway its the year which we all should gorge ourselves since it only comes once every 12 yrs right?

final conclusion:
being an avid seafood lover, the crabs really are so succulent & juicy that the stall deserves...
5 stars rating from me!

no wonder, so many pple left msgs on their crab shells (so innovative!) which was displayed all over the place, (on the walls & hangin' from the ceiling) & the stall so deserves the name as Master Crab!

the divine:
... the fact that the chef is able to make sure that we can taste both the freshness of the crab as well as the strong taste of the sauce.. even after the shell is being removed & with the meat presents itself in a sucha a gigantic piece that shouts "eat me, eat me!", (some other places which i ate before, have crabmeat that are shivelled & dry - signs of overcooked crab, small & sticks onto the shell that i barely eat any meat!) really proved the great culinary skills of the chef.
Needless to say, the crabs are gobbled up real fast... with the most difficult to reach part of the crab all happily cleaned up by both of us!

the oatmeal prawns are also another delectable dish that complements the crabs, the prawns are so springy that they matches heavenly with the crunchiness of the oatmeal.

As for the Hotplate Tofu.. it is finished within minutes upon placing on our table... hmm... i almost wanted to devour the still sizzling hot plate after scraping the last piece of food from the plate!

the $$:
$61 in all
i feel that the price is reasonable for the quality of the food... especially compared to places like Newton Circus where the similar amt of food sets me back like about $100 before.

advert time:
Totally satisfyin' & worth recommendin'.. especially dining in big groups!

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