Monday, March 19, 2007

wHen yOu aSk mE "wHen..."

when we 1st talked for so much on the bus journey back, when you smiled at me with your mega-watt smile, when you told me all abt your dreams & aspirations, when we baked desserts together, when we spent time doing accounts together, when we worked hand-in-hand to send valentine's day blessings to the many couples out there together with our handmade desserts, when we were watching movies together on my sofa, when you learned how to sing chinese songs for me, when we strolled by the beach in East Coast Park, when we gazed at the loving scenery on top of Kent Ridge Park & Mount Faber, when we were at Tanjong Beach & Botanical Gardens, when we raced against time shopping in Australia, when everytime you drive & I sat by your side, when i looked at you from afar at your charming look while you were working, while you asked me hows my day, when we were both fell ill in bed, when you rushed me to the doctor for my 1st burnt arm, when you sent me little surprises to me while appearing at my door-step, when everytime you hug me to sleep, when we watched movies together in the cinema, when you know I was cold & warmed me up with your touch, when we ate seafood together, when we checked out every nice food joint together, when we were on holiday in Bintan, Hong Kong, Thailand & Australia, when we go for events together, when we went to Cirque du Soleil together, when we danced salsa together, when we 1st went to salsa fiesta together, when we danced at Millenia Fountain together, when we 1st danced at the salsa festival together, when we 1st went clubbin' together, when we 1st met each others' frens, when we played video games together, when we teased each other, when we joined the rally race together, when you cooked for me, when you planned for my bday, when we took photos together, when we spent every precious moments together...

when i have the luxury to buy food for you, when i cooked for you, when i washed & ironed your clothes, when i have the luxury to think of you, when i tell you i love you, when i write you a love poem, when i sang for you, when you stroked my hair, when you 1st bought an extra set of toothbrush & place it in your bathroom, when you brought your 1st set of clothes to my house, when you have me in your eyes, when you messaged me sweet smses, when i send loving ecard to you, when you tell me you love me, when i breathe the air that you breathe, when my life is filled with you, when I have the luxury to cry for you...

When you ask me "when am i happy..."

All becoz "You are my True Love"... alwayz..

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