Saturday, March 3, 2007

Makansutra - SeafOOd & DesseRt decaDence.. anniversary bliss!

time really flies & its already 2 years.. the 2 years that are filled with tears & joyful moments, tension turmoil & tender loving care all rolled into one but nonetheless i know that deep down in our hearts, we both really cared abt each other and had grown very much used to each other in our lives.

...juz wanna let you know... i really loves you!
(...enuff of the mushy, hair-standing words)
..folks, now i shall fill you all in on my sumptuous dining journal..

Anniversary Dinner @ Meritus Mandarin Triple 3 Buffet Restaurant!

buffet spread:
abt 40 to 50 items ranging from succulent seafood to meats & delicious desserts!

the divine:
Scallops! ..plenty of juicy fresh gigantic scallops! (i took a whole plate of it & of course haf a 2nd helpin' to it as well!)
Rush for the Southern Tiger Prawns!... fresh prawns sauteed to a perfection in garlic & white wine!
Fresh Oysters with Zesty Lemon Juice.. love that the chef cleanses the oysters so well that one can't taste the seawater & the sea-mud taste (a must-try for a romantic nightout for its proven aphrodisiac attribute!)
Fresh Salmon Sashimi.. cut in the perfect thickness and melts instantly in the mouth! Oishi!
Smoked Salmon with Black Caviar in mini shotglass (i feel like a million bucks after trying this!)

the disappointment: (gosh... how could it be...)
the Slipper Lobster.. the flesh is kinda dried & tough, guess been left on the serving pan for too long that it got overcooked, heard from numerous sources that the lobster is supposed to be the best though..
the Lamb Sticks, too tough to be consumed, has been overdone, took one bite & i can't stop chewing for 5mins!

the romantics cried "Must-try or will die!":
3 tiers Chocolate Fondue in fresh strawberries & sweet marshmallows
Mini Mango Cheesecake.. loves its thick & creamy feel
Chocolate Creme Brulee with Raspberry.. purrfect combination
Assortment of Chocolate Pralines.. once you pop you will never stop!

areN't u drOOlin' @ the luScious desseRts alreaDy! Yummy!

the extras:
song dedication by dearie for a song from Michael Buble by this trio-band that plays & sings for us live at our table!

the $$:
a whopping $70+++ per pax (weekend rate).. its a hotel so one can't hope for cheaper than this price.. (psst.. can go for the 10% discount offered to UOB & HSBC cardmembers!)

Overall rating:

(shld brush up on the slipper lobster & the lamb!)

the day ended with a sweet note with a stay home movie... bliss!


Evan said...

Happy Anniversary Bao!

Yeah, was a great dinner! =)
But how can beat what I whipped up for ur bday last year huh?

Hey, missed out the hors d'oeuvres in shot glasses! Loved the caviar and trout one!

Okies, lookin forward to more gastronomic delights! ...crabs at the Crab Master place!

cRaneY / shuFfy said...

dearie! of course the foodie that you created for me last year for my bday was very very special, love ya lotz! but den this year i want special stuffs also!!! yeah, love the hors d'hoeuvres too but can't remember all the names so can only mention those i can remember.. hehe... Master Crab here i come!!!!

Evan said...

biang... chef gonna get tekkan-ed again

cRaneY / shuFfy said...

haha... i know dearie u will do sumthing special one.. hehe.. lolz..

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