Monday, March 19, 2007

tHe aRt Of uPseLLin'

this question posted by someone has been pondering in my mind for the longest time ever: "why can't they upsell?"
probably they dun care, for those who care, probably its juz no one to really guide them on the right tactics to do that (not everyone is born with the natural flair to persuade others to purchase sumthing..)
many a times, when we are in the food service industry, we tend to neglect the importance of upselling the products.. remember the golden words: "a few extra dollars really helps.. coz its gonna be a million dollars before you know it."
hence i derived some techniques to upsell & outsell: (it might help u to get out of ur stagnant position as a low rank employee..)

1) when the customers ask for ice-water in the restaurant:
you can jolly ask them to perhaps order the restaurant's specialty drinks & make a few popular recommendations (it will be great with the help of pictures..) & tada u've juz earn a few bucks for the company, and for the superb recommendations, u might earn for yourself some tips from the customers as well!

2) when the customers only ordered drinks in the restaurant:
you can ask them if they like to have some food to go along with the drinks.. if they are full from an earlier dinner somewhere else, perhaps can recommend some desserts or light finger food to last them thru the night.

3) making use of promotions:
i am sure every establishments here & there do have some marketing promos, so make use of them for your own convenience.. no only are you doing the customers a favor for letting them make the best out of their $$$ & also earning some credits for urself (u might not know, the customers will write in to ur boss to compliment u for your kind services & for havin' their interests at heart, new hope for urself to climb the company's hierarchy ladder!)

4) know ur products very well:
by understanding what u are selling inside out & outside in, u are already an edge above ur fellow colleagues & u might be deemed as their Mr-Know-it-all so muz go to him for help if i dun want a big kiss-my-ass lashing from the boss (extra bonus: more of the "i own u one dude" meals! great when u are tight on ur wallet for that month), self-esteem instant booster & being a great philantrophist at the same time, there's nothing to lose!

with a lil' initiative to help the company upsell, you will get the desired returns in no time!

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