Friday, March 2, 2007

Makansutra: Crabs fiEsta..

Dinner last night was satisfying and unforgetable.. coz i have the most yummy & finger-lickin' gd crabs with dear dear at this zhi-cha place called Master Crab at Ghim Moh (blk 19, Ghim Moh Rd, opp. Ulu Pandan CC, where the Mac's used to be).

Food tasting goes:

Choice for the day:
1 plate of blackpepper crabby (500g)
1 plate of chilli crabby (600g)
1 big plate of Seafood Hot Plate Tofu
1 plate of Oatmeal Prawns

...i know we are quite a pig, ordering so much for 2 pax... but anyway its the year which we all should gorge ourselves since it only comes once every 12 yrs right?

final conclusion:
being an avid seafood lover, the crabs really are so succulent & juicy that the stall deserves...
5 stars rating from me!

no wonder, so many pple left msgs on their crab shells (so innovative!) which was displayed all over the place, (on the walls & hangin' from the ceiling) & the stall so deserves the name as Master Crab!

the divine:
... the fact that the chef is able to make sure that we can taste both the freshness of the crab as well as the strong taste of the sauce.. even after the shell is being removed & with the meat presents itself in a sucha a gigantic piece that shouts "eat me, eat me!", (some other places which i ate before, have crabmeat that are shivelled & dry - signs of overcooked crab, small & sticks onto the shell that i barely eat any meat!) really proved the great culinary skills of the chef.
Needless to say, the crabs are gobbled up real fast... with the most difficult to reach part of the crab all happily cleaned up by both of us!

the oatmeal prawns are also another delectable dish that complements the crabs, the prawns are so springy that they matches heavenly with the crunchiness of the oatmeal.

As for the Hotplate Tofu.. it is finished within minutes upon placing on our table... hmm... i almost wanted to devour the still sizzling hot plate after scraping the last piece of food from the plate!

the $$:
$61 in all
i feel that the price is reasonable for the quality of the food... especially compared to places like Newton Circus where the similar amt of food sets me back like about $100 before.

advert time:
Totally satisfyin' & worth recommendin'.. especially dining in big groups!

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