Monday, November 26, 2007

Coffee - addIctiVe bittersweeT Love.. Prince - thE RoyaL wIthIn

Juz watched the whole series of the Korean drama Coffee Prince & the 1st episode already got me addicted juz like the caffeine in the coffee..

The bittersweet love story with a small dose of cute humor.. of a boy... oh oopss nope.. shld be a girl (who was mistaken for a boy) makes me wanna cry & laugh at the same time.

Coffee Prince - one great drama you shld never miss!
oooo... makes me wanna fall in love all over again...

Thursday, November 15, 2007

EnerGetic EscaPade...

Yesterday was a great for a whole day of rejuvenation & vitality enrichment...
Swimming in the clear blue waters under the warm sunlight, the pure goodness of the vitamin E is great for anti-aging & skin regeneration...
Followed by sauna that creates a sensation of energetic vibes throughout my body after the sweat & heat treatment..

Dinner was yummy & healthy... (drools..)

Teriyaki Salmon with Broccoli & Carrot
Steam Corn
A bottle of Yakult
Apple + Orange Platter

hmm... hope it helps to look gd for my photoshoot tml...

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Brilliant women are dangerously wicked
Thats pure instinct
Innocent women are dangerously naive
Thats pure naturel

so are u an instinctive femme fatale or an au naturel?

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

mY cuRRent LiSt oF ReSponsibiLities..

1) Save $$ for 12days trIp to FranCe
2) Save $$ for 5days trIp to TaiWan
3) Sony VaIo LappIe

**anY ppLe wanna go with mE? **
(especially my SC galpals..)

Thursday, October 11, 2007

tHe fuN sieSta... cheeRs... cHill... reLax..

my dreAm vaCatIon.. wIth my dReam sIgnifIcant oTher...

Saturday, September 29, 2007

hoW my naMe coMes aboUt....

alot of pple actually question the reason for choosing "Crane" as my name... and here i shall save my time for repeating myself by blogging it to everyone...

i once remembered some1 told me that Crane actually brings newborn babies to married couples who are blessed which somehow = new beginnings & new hope..

also = to fly high & look far... (well, i wouldnt wanna call myself seagull.. :P)

oh ya... i know that pple tend to instinctively relates my name to those in the construction sites, but hey without them, there wouldnt be magnificant high skyscapers around aye?
and the whole Crane business might worth quite a few zillion bucks... well for that i wouldnt mind having either... hehe...

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

toP 10 ways tO tiDe ovEr budgeT daYs..

there are times when i will wanna splurge for that nice designer item or for that long trip abroad & then oops, realize that i dun have enuff $... thus these days i derive the top 10 ways to save $$.. (it works well for those who are in the midst of looking for job but left little cash to spend as well..)

1) Stock up on groceries that can easily fulfil hunger pangs & can last for at least 1 month
e.g. Campbell Soups with Mee Sua, Egg & Cucumber Sandwiches, Potato & Egg Salad, Tong Guan Biscuits
2) Redeem as many groceries vouchers & dining vouchers using every points redemption system available
(for those with debit & credit cards or any other cards available)
3) Go shopping with Mum or Dad more often
(coz they pay instead of you)

4) Get the Sentosa Islander Card that allow unlimited FREE entry into Sentosa in a year & hit the beaches at least twice a week with your pals
(total fun + great way to minimise spending + great companion)
5) TV Therapy vs Retail Therapy
(with the availability of Cable TV & Youtube, being glued to the TV or Computer monitors are ever so easy at the comfort
of your home, no transport cost incurred + no temptations to spend $ on shopping)
6) Blogging for hours
(can take your mind off the urge to go anywhere else)
7) Get ample sleep
(coz sleeping takes some hours off the day thus lesser time to think abt going out + able to feel more energised)
8) Work out @ your gym downstairs
(Healthy + its free!!)
(if your house does not have a gym, have a sleepover at a pal's place where his/her place has it..)
9) Snip Snip Snip discount coupons off newspapers & magazines
(u will never know how much $$ you can save by adding up all the little amounts...)
10) Stay home as often as possible for home-cooked food
(can hone ur culinary skills + save more than 1/2 the cost as compared to eating out)

Sunday, August 26, 2007

amnesia... the ultimate way for relief..

if i can, leave all memories behind...

wake up the next morning with a fresh new blank sheet of paper..

forgetting is tough but from this minute on...

its all so possible for me..

(apple has woken up.. dragon will disappear...fairytale has become a myth..)

Saturday, August 25, 2007

PriVate dIniNg, the NexT BIG thing

Many a times, the hassles of cleaning up & making the preparations for home parties tends to put one off. Especially for the poor birthday gal/guy, i can jolly well relate to him/her running abt.. worrying.. did my cake arrive.. did i take the chicken wings out from the fryer.. are the drinks enuff.. etc..etc.. (psst... older 1 year in age doesnt mean you have to increase the number of white hairs on your head..)

Then again, you will say, you love the relaxed and casual mood of having your own parties at home compared to all the bustles & hustles in a crowded restaurant... now think again.. as there are other alternatives...


I bring you "Private Dining" experience..

Essential Brew's Private Function Room caters to your needs, especially those looking for cool concept dining at affordable prices.. best still you can actually customise your own menu.. be it Gastronomical Italian or Contemporary Chic Eats.. & big red poofy cushions for you to lean on when you dine or you can opt for the comfy soft bean bags to indulge in..

so visit Essential Brew The Cosy Tea Place, for your out of the norm private party experience...

(juz a side-note, we are not a subsidiary of O'Briens.. or neither do we have a 's' in our brew.. haha..)

Sunday, August 12, 2007

kOreaN aD fOr DHL... Soooo.... fUnny!!!

taGline: We deliver. Whatever. (hey, can use for the whatever drink as well aye?)

sooo.... anyone wanna deliver my kiss? hehe...

ppLe... enjoY a gD laUgh!

200 Pounds Beauty.... faV mOviE so fAr...

checK out thE leAdIng aCtRess insiDe... sO prEtty...

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

chiLL out witH thE gaLs...

to fishEE: thanks for being the wonderful support in my life
to JiaWen: thanks for being my trusty confidante
to ShArOn: thanks for being a major milestone in my life
to CheRyL: thanks for making my life complete with your existence

I know simple words are not able to describe how glad i am to have u gals for these 8yrs of friendship that you all have showered me all along...
the path & my life journey has been worthwhile all these times that we have spent together...

enjoyed the late night chill-out on Sunday at Cafe del Mar aka celebration for Sharon's burfday... sorry that i managed to come by quite late...

sidenote: can't wait for this Saturday meet up at St James...

Thursday, July 12, 2007

daily rantzzz....

Quote frm my cousin:

why one shldn't be a PhD... coz one will suffer from...

P = Permanently
h = head
D = Damage

which i think is really very funny though...

Had a hearty meal with Angeline (my cousin) last nite @ ebrew... the chat abt how & where our paths have taken us, our family, abt her elder sis's wedding preps etc etc.. and checking out her cutesy lil' puppy (named Happy) at her place & sad to know her lil hamster Xiaobai passed on last nite...

Well, it feels so great to spend my off day with the pple i loved, the bustling & bumping ard to finish off tasks & errands on a daily basis can be so stretched on my stamina that off days and rest days have become a precious & treasured times in my life.

For pple who have not meet up with me or been real busy... time to make time ya? :)

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

foR lOve...
seeps deep into the heart
where two will never be apart
kindred spirit strives
for destiny to survive


by cRane

Thursday, June 28, 2007

emptiness reigns like fire
perfection falls short in expectation
livin' in a pure surreal world
to feel has become a misery
have i become a lonesome individual
devoured by the anonymous persona
suffocated by the truth within..

by Crane

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Life's Sweet Chapter - Friends

Hmm... recently i have been pigging out on sucha gd food that i feel like a total glutton.. whoops.. haha... all my pilates lessons & gym workouts have to be more aggressive from now on though..

For the past 1 week, i had succulent sashimi at this nice jap restaurant in takashimaya, oishi! Followed by Jap Shabu Shabu with Take meat (pork shoulder-loin meat) at Ohsumi (my previous workplace like 4 yrs back.. kinda feel a sense of nostalgia.. & everything still looks all so familiar.. except Johnny -my fav supervisor is no longer around..) & steamboat with the gals at my house last night with sweet corn & carrot soup stock & many ingredients to put in the steamboat.. oh my, wat a feast! And KTV session with my hse's sound system thereafter... oh man, we gals can really sing!

Life has been looking rosy for me these few weeks & i will continue to look forward to many new challenges yet to come.. hmm... these are what i have in mind to spend my free time as for now..

1) Visit to the Singapore Art Museum (been wanting to go but some1 always not free.. u know who u are.. next time no excuse ya? hehe..)
2) GSS!! (but come to think of it.. i juz realised that i really have alot of clothes.. especially true when winnie asked me is it really that my wardrobe really got so much clothes that i gotta buy an additional clothes rack to hang some of them..) well, at least i gotta get gifts for mummy coz her bday is this coming week.. but mummy wanna a 2-carat diamond pendant this year..
3) Try out my list of new recipes that I had compiled recently.. (any guinea pig to offer their tastebuds?)
4) making new fashion accessories with Joanne & the gals..
5) Visit to the Zoo (realise that the last time i went there was when i was 5 years old.. since Reina is working there, can have another outing with the gals as well & say hi to my relative -the Pink Flamingo)

Saturday, May 26, 2007

dAre tO dReamz..

the fast pace of life sometimes blurred our vision in the process that we always overlooked what our real dreams are...

slowing down and reflecting on your life once in a while does help to de-clutter the mind and calm the nerves & creating a new lease of strength to take on the next challenge that comes along..

at least it works for me, so dear friends do take some time off to relax & enjoy time at a slower speed.. u can't always keep running without catching a breather aye?

Thursday, May 24, 2007

my life, put simply..

Life's complexity can really be scary sometimes. The aftermath of reading too much into simple situations can cause tremendous uninviting circumstances so.. why think too much?

Life has always been simple for me.
Punchline: Being a workaholic who knows how to enjoy simple pleasures - me.

My life cycle is.. (pretty simple):

Work, pilates, hitting the gym, meet-up with frens, cooking up a meal in the kitchen, brewing a gd pot of tea with my latest must-read titles, occasional fashion consultant for my frens, chilling out in clubs once in a while, playing on my fav PS2, shopping (when i have the need to), watching dvds at home & kboxing i.e singing.

and it all starts all over again...

So when does my life becomes complicated? i really wonder... perhaps that only applies to those who don't know me...

Monday, May 14, 2007

lEt thE tRuth bE tOld..

You Have Many Alpha Tendencies

You're not a total alpha female, but you certainly know how to - and like to - get your way.
You're forceful without being intimidating. You're confident without being vain. A perfect mix.

You Go For Brains!

You want a guy with a big... brain.
And of course it would be nice if he were a total hottie, but you're not counting on it.
What's on the inside is what counts for you. (Besides, you can always change the outside later!)

Your Fashion Style is Trendy

You love fashion and live to shop
And keeping up with the lastet trends is what you love best
You know what's in, out, about to be in, and about to be out
You love to dress your friends and would make a killer celebrity stylist

Your Perfume is Glow

Fresh, sexy, and clean.

You're real, intimate, and exciting.

Your lush sensuality appeals to men...

And you're as sexy as Jennifer Lopez.

Power scents: Orange flower, grapefruit, and citrus.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

trIbutE tO thE oNe whoM gaVe mE liFe..

tO aLL gReat MoThers iN tHe WoRlD!

HaPpY MotHeRs' DaY!

Mummy I love you! Thanks for all the care & concern you've showered me all these years..
You've been my pillar of strength & my will in times of crisis...

Monday, May 7, 2007

bAck tO reaLity...

Dear frens... thanks for all the concern & lending me the shoulders to lean on... its been a long while since i updated my lil' bloggie.. life is great & vibrant for me nowadays..
Some frens might worry that i am purposely keeping myself bombarded with work to numb myself & not taking care of myself in the meantime, but seriously i am learning much more in the process, cooping much better in fact both emotionally & physically.

After been thru so much incidents in these few years, i realised what really matters in my heart & began to view life in a different & broader perspective. Surprisingly, my heart may hurt but i feel peaceful at the same time, instead i have the hope & living in the hope as well.

That day, having the meet-up with the gals, make me feel that i am so lucky, i should be embracing life now & not loathe it..
Knowing that Jo is doing something fulfilling, makes me happy from within & can't wait for her success in due time.

No matter what the future may holds, it be a new beautiful day tomorrow..

Saturday, April 7, 2007

tIme Off

ppLe... i am in the midst of editing my photos... so will be taking awhile to update my posts...

but do feel free to plaY with my lil' pet minTy in the meantime!

also to have some time to earn more $$$.... coz i need to get a comfy baroque-style couch for my room...

Thursday, March 22, 2007

L is for the way u LOOK at me
O is for the only ONE I see
V is VERY VERY extraordinary
E is EVERYTHING u meant to me

~ trust me, i will surmount all obstacles ~

Monday, March 19, 2007

wHen yOu aSk mE "wHen..."

when we 1st talked for so much on the bus journey back, when you smiled at me with your mega-watt smile, when you told me all abt your dreams & aspirations, when we baked desserts together, when we spent time doing accounts together, when we worked hand-in-hand to send valentine's day blessings to the many couples out there together with our handmade desserts, when we were watching movies together on my sofa, when you learned how to sing chinese songs for me, when we strolled by the beach in East Coast Park, when we gazed at the loving scenery on top of Kent Ridge Park & Mount Faber, when we were at Tanjong Beach & Botanical Gardens, when we raced against time shopping in Australia, when everytime you drive & I sat by your side, when i looked at you from afar at your charming look while you were working, while you asked me hows my day, when we were both fell ill in bed, when you rushed me to the doctor for my 1st burnt arm, when you sent me little surprises to me while appearing at my door-step, when everytime you hug me to sleep, when we watched movies together in the cinema, when you know I was cold & warmed me up with your touch, when we ate seafood together, when we checked out every nice food joint together, when we were on holiday in Bintan, Hong Kong, Thailand & Australia, when we go for events together, when we went to Cirque du Soleil together, when we danced salsa together, when we 1st went to salsa fiesta together, when we danced at Millenia Fountain together, when we 1st danced at the salsa festival together, when we 1st went clubbin' together, when we 1st met each others' frens, when we played video games together, when we teased each other, when we joined the rally race together, when you cooked for me, when you planned for my bday, when we took photos together, when we spent every precious moments together...

when i have the luxury to buy food for you, when i cooked for you, when i washed & ironed your clothes, when i have the luxury to think of you, when i tell you i love you, when i write you a love poem, when i sang for you, when you stroked my hair, when you 1st bought an extra set of toothbrush & place it in your bathroom, when you brought your 1st set of clothes to my house, when you have me in your eyes, when you messaged me sweet smses, when i send loving ecard to you, when you tell me you love me, when i breathe the air that you breathe, when my life is filled with you, when I have the luxury to cry for you...

When you ask me "when am i happy..."

All becoz "You are my True Love"... alwayz..

tHe aRt Of uPseLLin'

this question posted by someone has been pondering in my mind for the longest time ever: "why can't they upsell?"
probably they dun care, for those who care, probably its juz no one to really guide them on the right tactics to do that (not everyone is born with the natural flair to persuade others to purchase sumthing..)
many a times, when we are in the food service industry, we tend to neglect the importance of upselling the products.. remember the golden words: "a few extra dollars really helps.. coz its gonna be a million dollars before you know it."
hence i derived some techniques to upsell & outsell: (it might help u to get out of ur stagnant position as a low rank employee..)

1) when the customers ask for ice-water in the restaurant:
you can jolly ask them to perhaps order the restaurant's specialty drinks & make a few popular recommendations (it will be great with the help of pictures..) & tada u've juz earn a few bucks for the company, and for the superb recommendations, u might earn for yourself some tips from the customers as well!

2) when the customers only ordered drinks in the restaurant:
you can ask them if they like to have some food to go along with the drinks.. if they are full from an earlier dinner somewhere else, perhaps can recommend some desserts or light finger food to last them thru the night.

3) making use of promotions:
i am sure every establishments here & there do have some marketing promos, so make use of them for your own convenience.. no only are you doing the customers a favor for letting them make the best out of their $$$ & also earning some credits for urself (u might not know, the customers will write in to ur boss to compliment u for your kind services & for havin' their interests at heart, new hope for urself to climb the company's hierarchy ladder!)

4) know ur products very well:
by understanding what u are selling inside out & outside in, u are already an edge above ur fellow colleagues & u might be deemed as their Mr-Know-it-all so muz go to him for help if i dun want a big kiss-my-ass lashing from the boss (extra bonus: more of the "i own u one dude" meals! great when u are tight on ur wallet for that month), self-esteem instant booster & being a great philantrophist at the same time, there's nothing to lose!

with a lil' initiative to help the company upsell, you will get the desired returns in no time!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

sO maNy tHings tO dO...

been really busy with the plannin' of my burfdae party @ essential brew... that i barely have time for other things.. juz realise that there are stuffs that i really gotta get down to doing..

1) Update my lil' bloggie more often
2) Visit to the dentist
3) Set appointment for eyebrow shapin' (gosh, its gettin' thicker!)
4) Clean out clothes that aren't on my list of styles to wear & probably can sell them at the flea market (not bad.. can still earn some $$$)
5) Change the layout of my room (one of my new year resolution is to change the design of my room every 3 months.. and its a already mid-march & i haven't even get to it yet..)

as for now.. gonna continue with makin' the stuffs for the decor for my party... Baroque-style Masquerade theme.. what a challengin' theme to establish... hope it turns out good...

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

preView.. eXcluSiVe InviTes

mY fellOw frens.. dO checK uR emaIL fOr the Invites!! DetAiLs aLL sTatEd inSide!

Saturday, March 3, 2007

Makansutra - SeafOOd & DesseRt decaDence.. anniversary bliss!

time really flies & its already 2 years.. the 2 years that are filled with tears & joyful moments, tension turmoil & tender loving care all rolled into one but nonetheless i know that deep down in our hearts, we both really cared abt each other and had grown very much used to each other in our lives.

...juz wanna let you know... i really loves you!
(...enuff of the mushy, hair-standing words)
..folks, now i shall fill you all in on my sumptuous dining journal..

Anniversary Dinner @ Meritus Mandarin Triple 3 Buffet Restaurant!

buffet spread:
abt 40 to 50 items ranging from succulent seafood to meats & delicious desserts!

the divine:
Scallops! ..plenty of juicy fresh gigantic scallops! (i took a whole plate of it & of course haf a 2nd helpin' to it as well!)
Rush for the Southern Tiger Prawns!... fresh prawns sauteed to a perfection in garlic & white wine!
Fresh Oysters with Zesty Lemon Juice.. love that the chef cleanses the oysters so well that one can't taste the seawater & the sea-mud taste (a must-try for a romantic nightout for its proven aphrodisiac attribute!)
Fresh Salmon Sashimi.. cut in the perfect thickness and melts instantly in the mouth! Oishi!
Smoked Salmon with Black Caviar in mini shotglass (i feel like a million bucks after trying this!)

the disappointment: (gosh... how could it be...)
the Slipper Lobster.. the flesh is kinda dried & tough, guess been left on the serving pan for too long that it got overcooked, heard from numerous sources that the lobster is supposed to be the best though..
the Lamb Sticks, too tough to be consumed, has been overdone, took one bite & i can't stop chewing for 5mins!

the romantics cried "Must-try or will die!":
3 tiers Chocolate Fondue in fresh strawberries & sweet marshmallows
Mini Mango Cheesecake.. loves its thick & creamy feel
Chocolate Creme Brulee with Raspberry.. purrfect combination
Assortment of Chocolate Pralines.. once you pop you will never stop!

areN't u drOOlin' @ the luScious desseRts alreaDy! Yummy!

the extras:
song dedication by dearie for a song from Michael Buble by this trio-band that plays & sings for us live at our table!

the $$:
a whopping $70+++ per pax (weekend rate).. its a hotel so one can't hope for cheaper than this price.. (psst.. can go for the 10% discount offered to UOB & HSBC cardmembers!)

Overall rating:

(shld brush up on the slipper lobster & the lamb!)

the day ended with a sweet note with a stay home movie... bliss!

Friday, March 2, 2007

Makansutra: Crabs fiEsta..

Dinner last night was satisfying and unforgetable.. coz i have the most yummy & finger-lickin' gd crabs with dear dear at this zhi-cha place called Master Crab at Ghim Moh (blk 19, Ghim Moh Rd, opp. Ulu Pandan CC, where the Mac's used to be).

Food tasting goes:

Choice for the day:
1 plate of blackpepper crabby (500g)
1 plate of chilli crabby (600g)
1 big plate of Seafood Hot Plate Tofu
1 plate of Oatmeal Prawns

...i know we are quite a pig, ordering so much for 2 pax... but anyway its the year which we all should gorge ourselves since it only comes once every 12 yrs right?

final conclusion:
being an avid seafood lover, the crabs really are so succulent & juicy that the stall deserves...
5 stars rating from me!

no wonder, so many pple left msgs on their crab shells (so innovative!) which was displayed all over the place, (on the walls & hangin' from the ceiling) & the stall so deserves the name as Master Crab!

the divine:
... the fact that the chef is able to make sure that we can taste both the freshness of the crab as well as the strong taste of the sauce.. even after the shell is being removed & with the meat presents itself in a sucha a gigantic piece that shouts "eat me, eat me!", (some other places which i ate before, have crabmeat that are shivelled & dry - signs of overcooked crab, small & sticks onto the shell that i barely eat any meat!) really proved the great culinary skills of the chef.
Needless to say, the crabs are gobbled up real fast... with the most difficult to reach part of the crab all happily cleaned up by both of us!

the oatmeal prawns are also another delectable dish that complements the crabs, the prawns are so springy that they matches heavenly with the crunchiness of the oatmeal.

As for the Hotplate Tofu.. it is finished within minutes upon placing on our table... hmm... i almost wanted to devour the still sizzling hot plate after scraping the last piece of food from the plate!

the $$:
$61 in all
i feel that the price is reasonable for the quality of the food... especially compared to places like Newton Circus where the similar amt of food sets me back like about $100 before.

advert time:
Totally satisfyin' & worth recommendin'.. especially dining in big groups!

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

riDiculoUs & uNgLam side of KiAsu-ism... duN be a lAughin' sTock!

all along parents taught their kids not to open their ang-baos to see how much they are given immediately after they got it as a form of basic respect & courtesy for the elders (dun they also teach in "Hao Gong Ming" lessons in school as well?). Needless to say, saying outright that whatever given is "sooo little ar".. all the more reflects the lack in upbringin' of that child..

however, at an age whereby people deem you to be sensible enuff (or at least you wanted to be treated like an adult), to be an adolescent that suppose to have at least some basic thinkin' capabilities.. havin' sucha behaviour i feel.. it really puts pple off..

..seriously, the meanin' of giving ang-baos durin' CNY in chinese tradition is to send the festive blessings from the giver to the receiver, so why must compare the amt in it... its the thought that counts.. furthermore, if the place u are workin' in bothers to celebrate the festive seasons, havin' the bosses (especially if they are not even married!) botherin' to give ang-baos as a form of gd luck to everyone (even to the part-timers), is really a gd employee incentive.. y complain? (trust me i've known of places where they dun even bother wishin' the employees happy new year.. ang-baos? can forget abt it..)

so why spoil this fun & enjoyable festival with sucha unwanted behaviour... sometimes i wonder...

Friday, February 23, 2007

maRketin' gaLore.. aUntie-like already?.. haha.. says who?

Breathing the fresh air with the fragrance of the morning dew into my system marks the beginning of a beautiful day.. unable to fall asleep after been up for the previous night.. go marketin' with mum is a good idea after all.

As the birds are chirping, people squeezing up the crowded bus to work, (gosh! the bus look like its gonna explode anytime with all the passengers on board! geez, am i so glad that i am not one of them..) the market is already bustling with so many people (trust me, really alot of people till i gotta sqeeze my way through to move around..) apparently everyone knows my mum very well, with all the hellos & new year greetings from all the stallowners, (oh did i mention the ever so astonished look on their faces & their "oh my, ur daughter so big already ar?"..gosh! makes me feel so OLD.. when they saw me & found out that i am my mum's daughter..) i start to love the lively spirit of the place already.

..... amidst passing through all the fishes, poultry, veg & fruits stalls & having fun telling my mum the right way to choose the stuffs & which items are the freshest.. & putting my bargaining skills to good use.. my mum suddenly said to me: "my gal, i didn't know you know so much.. "

i grinned. (can't let her know the secret.. isn't it?)

Friday, February 9, 2007

luCk haS it? Nah...

Maybe i have not say my prayers before i went out of my house.. maybe things juz happened for a reason.. maybe life has its little twists & turns to make it more fascinating.. but being down with luck is not what i expected when i have an appointment to attend & when i am in an urgent rush.

13 things that happens which warns one to stay indoors by hook or by crook....

No. 1: Spilled liquid foundation on ur fav. dress that leaves sucha a big ugly blotch at the front.(its still okie, coz juz change into another new outfit.. that's wat i told myself..)

No. 2: Spilled half of my face powder on the dressing table & have to spend 15mins to clean up the stupid mess. (i reassure myself that i juz need to quickly clear up the mess & its not that bad..)

No. 3: my house keys decided to play hide & seek with me.. 10mins wasted..

finally i got out of my house.. so things gonna be fine.. & so i thought...

No. 4: the only way to get to my destination in time is cab.. but juz when i need it, not a single one in sight.. wasted quite a while waiting..

No. 5: finally a cab in sight!! (my day is not that bad afterall..ha yeah rite..) boarded it & the time is 5.01pm.. i have juz incurred the $2 peak hour surcharge.

No. 6: told the cabby that i am going to Clarke Quay mrt station & was juz msging my client the time that i will reach the place when... beep.. my phone went dead.. totally zero batt left.. (what?! this is not happening..)

No. 7: asked the cabby if he has a nokia phone charger... coz some do charge their mobiles in their cab.. he says: "Sorry, i today forgot to bring lehz.." (never mind...)

No. 8: trapped in a jam juz a mere 5 minutes away from my destination.. additional 15mins wasted.. (breathe, breathe!)

No. 9: when u thought u'll be alighting at Clarke Quay mrt.. instead u landed at Liang Court taxi stand.. i told the cabby that I am going to the Clarke Quay MRT Station not Liang Court, he says: "huh? Clarke Quay where got MRT Station? Since when? aiyah here also can larhz, same same." (thats it! i paid my fare & i juz wanna out of the cab!)

No. 10: Peak surcharge + ERP surchage + traffic jam additonal waiting charge + normal fare = a whopping $18.20... (juz burned a hole in my wallet..)

No. 11: fantically looking for a public phone to call my client... none in sight! (Wasted 10mins)

No. 12: decided to walk to Clarke Quay mrt (in my killer heels...) & found a public phone.. (at last!) client says: "I am over at Haagen Dazs Cafe at The Cannery, so you come over."

No. 13: Finally i met the client at the designated location (of which at this point, my feet already hurt like crazy thanks to all the throtting around..) She says: "actually i got something to show you.. this product is quite gd to use......" (why am i here in the 1st place?)

I kinda felt cheated in a way... maybe i shld have heeded all the signs... oh well....

Monday, January 29, 2007

wEddin' BellS.. gOes d@ng diNg dOng..

Lil' Nootti quote of the Day..

Hard Men
are Good to Get, Good Men are Hard to Get... wicked but true

i have been receiving a few invitations for wedding this year (gosh! 4 in total & more to come!) & began to feel a tinge of jealousy though.. all the glistening rocks on the delicate fingers of the blissful bride-to-be, the bashful look when the brides shared their romantic re-enactment of the wedding proposals, all so fairytale like.

Well at least it gives me all the reason to help them with my wedding specialty.. Wedding Solemnisation @ Essential Brew.. (hope u all love the pics!)

Hand-made Ring Pillow & Floral Centrepiece (by me!!)

Decor Setting

RoSe deLight

sIzzling @ Bar Cocoon in Forbidden City

lil' e-invite for the chic party... by

The gathering with my sC pals @ the cozy pavilion of the Bar Cocoon was a huge success!!!
Everybody did turned up as promised & we all had a great time catching up with each other with all the hugs & kisses & lotsa fun photos (will upload them soon in my next few blogposts!).
Really appreciates that everyone do made the effort to be there & especially Joanne, who had actually come all the way from Kallang after her concert (which is super far from Clarke Quay & it was already like 11pm!) - amidst all the transport inconveniences of not able to get any cabs and having no mrt coming to the central direction.
I began to feel that, no matter where we are, all our hearts are always intertwined & as we embarked on each phrase of our life journeys, we are never apart.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

New Regime, New Lifestyle

I will be embarking on a new regime for myself with strict rules to stick by as of today!

Tired of being easily ill-stricken by the lack of beauty sleep & the erratic weather, (note: i was lying in bed for 5 straight days due to stomach flu & food poisoning that induced high fever of 39.5 deg. celcius + deadly diarrhoea, horror of all horrors!!!) I have decided to be more conscious of my overall well-being.

New World, My Rules:

Food intake:

- No more adventurous tries on unknown food items
- Make a point to shop for fresh fruits rather than my fav sweets & chocs
- No more chilli.. curry or laksa (sobz...)
- No more fav. calamari & chix wings (byebye to yummy..)


- Hit the Gym 3 days a week, 2 hrs per session (gotta work those abs & muscles, again)
- Hit the swimming pool 2 times a week, 3 hrs per session
- Take up tennis again (anybody can provide the racquets for me pls?)
- Walk from Shaw centre to Cityhall for shopping (this is more fun!)

Hmm... i really wonder how long i can hold on to the regime.. need to be really discipline enuff though...

At least I managed to be on the treadmill for 30mins, did 3 sets of the weights & 150 times of body crunches & swam for 30mins.. not bad for a start!
But aren't I real hungry at the end of it all, had Soya Bean drink (from home), chomped down the Jasmine Caper Salmon and a piece of the Breaded Mussels @ Ebrew, can't resist the food temptations though, and my forever yummy ZOC, hey, there's lemon in it so shouldn't be much calories involved..

Well, the only sinful indulgence that I let myself into this evening is the irresistable Choc Fudge Cake @ Weizhen's bday, muz eat coz it's so inviting & it feels that it actually is sweet-talking to me to juz gobbled it down at once.

Had a really great chat with Van today, finally able to see her after so long ever since she joined SIA as their up & coming promising air-stewardess. Gotta to know her chic pilot, I will say she does have a way of knowing eligible bachelors & kinda quite a number of them, so well lets say its eye-candy for all of us! Well, she will be flying off again on next monday so juz gonna wait till she comes back. Soon after, met up with Ereen too to view her beautiful scrapbook collections and special card designs, totally awed by her talent for her craftworks, so pple if wanna customised cards & scrapbook as gifts, juz let me know ya?

Friday, January 26, 2007

Ignorance is bliss... so to speak.. really!?

Someone once told me:

"Although he had shattered my world, he was still my best friend. He was the one who had wounded me - but he was also the only one who could really comfort me.
Humans are really weird sometimes.
So who cares if he fell in love with a man, he is still the charming & loving chap i always remember to have by my bedside for the past 10 years. "

Sometimes i really wonder... is it humans' vulnerability towards loneliness or is it juz purely being accustomed to have that special one around in your daily life that one juz can't let go?

Can pure love really triumphed everything else, even the slightest flaw in a relationship & causes one to fall into deeper delusion as time passes by?

Declining the sweetness of dangerous temptations... can you do it?

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

In mY p[L]ayList - nO pRomises

my current favourite song.. the gal in the mtv is so pretty!!

laTest a+dditions to my page..

~ Love is a condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own ~

Finally got all my little add-ons up and running... the lil' poll which will be changed constantly as time past.. to enjoy a little fun for those who drop by my page, and the yummy food recipe part etc etc... Phew, adding these items really take a lot of my time, literally a lot of time, took me like half a day (okie, i admit its not that kua zang lar coz i do squeeze time in between for my dinner - sharkfin's soup, post-dinner cum supper pizza treats & ice-cream while watching the telly)

Chance upon a webbie that states the way each horoscope personnel actually consumes and buys chocolates... anyway since Valentine's Day is round the corner, no harm observing the way your love one gets the chocs for you.. however, i dun know how true this is so its all up to you to believe! Have fun sussing out the lil' unknown personality thru the way that special one buys the chocs for you!

aries - eats all the chocs in one sitting (coz its so yummy but i do share!)
taurus - tends to buy 2 boxes of chocs & leave the orange-flavoured ones for you (hmm.. so weird.. but i like dark chocs lehz so can trade or not arhz?)
gemini - makes their chocs choices by sticking their finger in each piece (ewww... hope my dearie is not like that!!)
cancer - draws it out to make the smallest box of chocs last for a month (wah sure or not, then how come my bro always finishes his chocs so fast?)
leo - likes to own all the chocs 1st (i suggest go meet Mr Willy Wonka & change your name to Charlie!)
virgo - cuts their chocs into small, manageable bites with a fork & knife (can be the 1st to conduct choc eating etiquette class.. not bad hor..)
libra - chooses 2 boxes of chocs, white chocs & dark chocs.. 1 for you & 1 for them (casanova!)
scorpio - can't resist rubbing chocs all over their partner & licking it off (ooooouu, then sure can buy me all the products from victoria secrets right?)
sagittarius - only orders foreign chocs (hmm.. hope not from some forsaken place in the world)
capricorn - seeks perfection in picking truffles of the best variety (...but i am not perfect so will you still choose me?)
aquarius - skips chocs altogether coz they prefer carob & raisin health bars (so healthy meh?)
pisces - tends to share all the chocs and forget to leave 1 for himself/herself (probably expired ones.. beware)

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

b(e) uti [fo0L] dEtails

5pm: (t)Rip (t)rop.. around racks & racks of merchandise - Groceries shopping @ shengshiong today (why there? coz the things are really cheap!)
Bought quite a number of stuffs for ebie and some cNy goodies - sweets, salted seaweed & bottles of green tea & root beer for my family (i know its like way too early to buy but i dun wanna wait till the last minute & i can also pig on the goodies early, yummy!)

7.30pm: bRuner (self invented word lar, which means breafast + lunch + dinner)
i have fRied hokkiEn mEE, fRied oySter & my faV sUgarcane (grande size) with dEarie while watching tV = siM[p]le bliss...

9pm: revamping my little blog here & there which is quite tedious and time consuming, took like 5 hrs plus but nonetheless, tada, my latest add-ons are done! hope u all will like it... :)

gotta go snooze already... yawnz... after facing moi laptop for so long...

Monday, January 22, 2007

peaCe is bliSS...

Amidst all the busy rushing and overworking my little brain, simple pleasures in life seems to be the absolute indulgence for me at this moment.
Sipping my fav Caramel Macchiato or ZOC (thats only available in eb, beg me for the recipe!) and lazing around, listening to my cds which i had bought for ages and haven't let them see the lights of the day (gosh, they are still in their plastic wraps..), not worrying abt anything (even it means the sky gonna crash any minute, am i sucha a saddist.. haha..) that is what i call luxuries.. not even my manolo or my chloe bags can satisfy me in any way close to this..

i am also glad that i gotta the chance to follow up on all my frens' lives and so happy that everyone is enjoyin' what they are doin' at this point of their lives.

it had been rainin' alot lately, causing alot of inconveniences especially gotta travel alot... & how do i wish to juz lie in bed & snooze...

Looking @ the calendar... can't wait for 27th Jan to come where i had planned a gathering with my gal pals from sc.. first time planning for all of us.. really hope it will go well.. nonetheless having them attending in the 1st place already sets my thrill level on a high note and somehow realise how much i miss them terribly..

Sunday, January 21, 2007

my first post....

Yeahzzz.... finally my first ever blog after seems like ages to create one and after much nagging from moi frens to have one. Well... so long for my first entry but will promise to update my life frequently (if possible) amidst all the busy schedules.

wAts 4 meNu toNitE??

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loVer's waVes

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