Tuesday, September 11, 2007

toP 10 ways tO tiDe ovEr budgeT daYs..

there are times when i will wanna splurge for that nice designer item or for that long trip abroad & then oops, realize that i dun have enuff $... thus these days i derive the top 10 ways to save $$.. (it works well for those who are in the midst of looking for job but left little cash to spend as well..)

1) Stock up on groceries that can easily fulfil hunger pangs & can last for at least 1 month
e.g. Campbell Soups with Mee Sua, Egg & Cucumber Sandwiches, Potato & Egg Salad, Tong Guan Biscuits
2) Redeem as many groceries vouchers & dining vouchers using every points redemption system available
(for those with debit & credit cards or any other cards available)
3) Go shopping with Mum or Dad more often
(coz they pay instead of you)

4) Get the Sentosa Islander Card that allow unlimited FREE entry into Sentosa in a year & hit the beaches at least twice a week with your pals
(total fun + great way to minimise spending + great companion)
5) TV Therapy vs Retail Therapy
(with the availability of Cable TV & Youtube, being glued to the TV or Computer monitors are ever so easy at the comfort
of your home, no transport cost incurred + no temptations to spend $ on shopping)
6) Blogging for hours
(can take your mind off the urge to go anywhere else)
7) Get ample sleep
(coz sleeping takes some hours off the day thus lesser time to think abt going out + able to feel more energised)
8) Work out @ your gym downstairs
(Healthy + its free!!)
(if your house does not have a gym, have a sleepover at a pal's place where his/her place has it..)
9) Snip Snip Snip discount coupons off newspapers & magazines
(u will never know how much $$ you can save by adding up all the little amounts...)
10) Stay home as often as possible for home-cooked food
(can hone ur culinary skills + save more than 1/2 the cost as compared to eating out)

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