Saturday, September 29, 2007

hoW my naMe coMes aboUt....

alot of pple actually question the reason for choosing "Crane" as my name... and here i shall save my time for repeating myself by blogging it to everyone...

i once remembered some1 told me that Crane actually brings newborn babies to married couples who are blessed which somehow = new beginnings & new hope..

also = to fly high & look far... (well, i wouldnt wanna call myself seagull.. :P)

oh ya... i know that pple tend to instinctively relates my name to those in the construction sites, but hey without them, there wouldnt be magnificant high skyscapers around aye?
and the whole Crane business might worth quite a few zillion bucks... well for that i wouldnt mind having either... hehe...

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