Sunday, June 3, 2007

Life's Sweet Chapter - Friends

Hmm... recently i have been pigging out on sucha gd food that i feel like a total glutton.. whoops.. haha... all my pilates lessons & gym workouts have to be more aggressive from now on though..

For the past 1 week, i had succulent sashimi at this nice jap restaurant in takashimaya, oishi! Followed by Jap Shabu Shabu with Take meat (pork shoulder-loin meat) at Ohsumi (my previous workplace like 4 yrs back.. kinda feel a sense of nostalgia.. & everything still looks all so familiar.. except Johnny -my fav supervisor is no longer around..) & steamboat with the gals at my house last night with sweet corn & carrot soup stock & many ingredients to put in the steamboat.. oh my, wat a feast! And KTV session with my hse's sound system thereafter... oh man, we gals can really sing!

Life has been looking rosy for me these few weeks & i will continue to look forward to many new challenges yet to come.. hmm... these are what i have in mind to spend my free time as for now..

1) Visit to the Singapore Art Museum (been wanting to go but some1 always not free.. u know who u are.. next time no excuse ya? hehe..)
2) GSS!! (but come to think of it.. i juz realised that i really have alot of clothes.. especially true when winnie asked me is it really that my wardrobe really got so much clothes that i gotta buy an additional clothes rack to hang some of them..) well, at least i gotta get gifts for mummy coz her bday is this coming week.. but mummy wanna a 2-carat diamond pendant this year..
3) Try out my list of new recipes that I had compiled recently.. (any guinea pig to offer their tastebuds?)
4) making new fashion accessories with Joanne & the gals..
5) Visit to the Zoo (realise that the last time i went there was when i was 5 years old.. since Reina is working there, can have another outing with the gals as well & say hi to my relative -the Pink Flamingo)

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