Thursday, May 24, 2007

my life, put simply..

Life's complexity can really be scary sometimes. The aftermath of reading too much into simple situations can cause tremendous uninviting circumstances so.. why think too much?

Life has always been simple for me.
Punchline: Being a workaholic who knows how to enjoy simple pleasures - me.

My life cycle is.. (pretty simple):

Work, pilates, hitting the gym, meet-up with frens, cooking up a meal in the kitchen, brewing a gd pot of tea with my latest must-read titles, occasional fashion consultant for my frens, chilling out in clubs once in a while, playing on my fav PS2, shopping (when i have the need to), watching dvds at home & kboxing i.e singing.

and it all starts all over again...

So when does my life becomes complicated? i really wonder... perhaps that only applies to those who don't know me...

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