Monday, May 7, 2007

bAck tO reaLity...

Dear frens... thanks for all the concern & lending me the shoulders to lean on... its been a long while since i updated my lil' bloggie.. life is great & vibrant for me nowadays..
Some frens might worry that i am purposely keeping myself bombarded with work to numb myself & not taking care of myself in the meantime, but seriously i am learning much more in the process, cooping much better in fact both emotionally & physically.

After been thru so much incidents in these few years, i realised what really matters in my heart & began to view life in a different & broader perspective. Surprisingly, my heart may hurt but i feel peaceful at the same time, instead i have the hope & living in the hope as well.

That day, having the meet-up with the gals, make me feel that i am so lucky, i should be embracing life now & not loathe it..
Knowing that Jo is doing something fulfilling, makes me happy from within & can't wait for her success in due time.

No matter what the future may holds, it be a new beautiful day tomorrow..

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