Thursday, July 12, 2007

daily rantzzz....

Quote frm my cousin:

why one shldn't be a PhD... coz one will suffer from...

P = Permanently
h = head
D = Damage

which i think is really very funny though...

Had a hearty meal with Angeline (my cousin) last nite @ ebrew... the chat abt how & where our paths have taken us, our family, abt her elder sis's wedding preps etc etc.. and checking out her cutesy lil' puppy (named Happy) at her place & sad to know her lil hamster Xiaobai passed on last nite...

Well, it feels so great to spend my off day with the pple i loved, the bustling & bumping ard to finish off tasks & errands on a daily basis can be so stretched on my stamina that off days and rest days have become a precious & treasured times in my life.

For pple who have not meet up with me or been real busy... time to make time ya? :)

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