Saturday, January 27, 2007

New Regime, New Lifestyle

I will be embarking on a new regime for myself with strict rules to stick by as of today!

Tired of being easily ill-stricken by the lack of beauty sleep & the erratic weather, (note: i was lying in bed for 5 straight days due to stomach flu & food poisoning that induced high fever of 39.5 deg. celcius + deadly diarrhoea, horror of all horrors!!!) I have decided to be more conscious of my overall well-being.

New World, My Rules:

Food intake:

- No more adventurous tries on unknown food items
- Make a point to shop for fresh fruits rather than my fav sweets & chocs
- No more chilli.. curry or laksa (sobz...)
- No more fav. calamari & chix wings (byebye to yummy..)


- Hit the Gym 3 days a week, 2 hrs per session (gotta work those abs & muscles, again)
- Hit the swimming pool 2 times a week, 3 hrs per session
- Take up tennis again (anybody can provide the racquets for me pls?)
- Walk from Shaw centre to Cityhall for shopping (this is more fun!)

Hmm... i really wonder how long i can hold on to the regime.. need to be really discipline enuff though...

At least I managed to be on the treadmill for 30mins, did 3 sets of the weights & 150 times of body crunches & swam for 30mins.. not bad for a start!
But aren't I real hungry at the end of it all, had Soya Bean drink (from home), chomped down the Jasmine Caper Salmon and a piece of the Breaded Mussels @ Ebrew, can't resist the food temptations though, and my forever yummy ZOC, hey, there's lemon in it so shouldn't be much calories involved..

Well, the only sinful indulgence that I let myself into this evening is the irresistable Choc Fudge Cake @ Weizhen's bday, muz eat coz it's so inviting & it feels that it actually is sweet-talking to me to juz gobbled it down at once.

Had a really great chat with Van today, finally able to see her after so long ever since she joined SIA as their up & coming promising air-stewardess. Gotta to know her chic pilot, I will say she does have a way of knowing eligible bachelors & kinda quite a number of them, so well lets say its eye-candy for all of us! Well, she will be flying off again on next monday so juz gonna wait till she comes back. Soon after, met up with Ereen too to view her beautiful scrapbook collections and special card designs, totally awed by her talent for her craftworks, so pple if wanna customised cards & scrapbook as gifts, juz let me know ya?


gLOB-tROt said...

btw, i would also like to try walking from shaw centre to cityhall! sounds fun, plus with the right company, pretty enjoyable too. let's try it one day!! =)

cRaneY / shuFfy said...

Gal, i shall organise that & no one can back out once decided ya? Hehe....

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