Friday, January 26, 2007

Ignorance is bliss... so to speak.. really!?

Someone once told me:

"Although he had shattered my world, he was still my best friend. He was the one who had wounded me - but he was also the only one who could really comfort me.
Humans are really weird sometimes.
So who cares if he fell in love with a man, he is still the charming & loving chap i always remember to have by my bedside for the past 10 years. "

Sometimes i really wonder... is it humans' vulnerability towards loneliness or is it juz purely being accustomed to have that special one around in your daily life that one juz can't let go?

Can pure love really triumphed everything else, even the slightest flaw in a relationship & causes one to fall into deeper delusion as time passes by?

Declining the sweetness of dangerous temptations... can you do it?

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