Wednesday, February 28, 2007

riDiculoUs & uNgLam side of KiAsu-ism... duN be a lAughin' sTock!

all along parents taught their kids not to open their ang-baos to see how much they are given immediately after they got it as a form of basic respect & courtesy for the elders (dun they also teach in "Hao Gong Ming" lessons in school as well?). Needless to say, saying outright that whatever given is "sooo little ar".. all the more reflects the lack in upbringin' of that child..

however, at an age whereby people deem you to be sensible enuff (or at least you wanted to be treated like an adult), to be an adolescent that suppose to have at least some basic thinkin' capabilities.. havin' sucha behaviour i feel.. it really puts pple off..

..seriously, the meanin' of giving ang-baos durin' CNY in chinese tradition is to send the festive blessings from the giver to the receiver, so why must compare the amt in it... its the thought that counts.. furthermore, if the place u are workin' in bothers to celebrate the festive seasons, havin' the bosses (especially if they are not even married!) botherin' to give ang-baos as a form of gd luck to everyone (even to the part-timers), is really a gd employee incentive.. y complain? (trust me i've known of places where they dun even bother wishin' the employees happy new year.. ang-baos? can forget abt it..)

so why spoil this fun & enjoyable festival with sucha unwanted behaviour... sometimes i wonder...

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