Saturday, February 23, 2008

well rested & well spent...

Hmmm... it has been a while since i updated my blog.. well.. what to do when i have been clocking alot of OT hrs and working on chinese new year.. (that reminds me of my dear friend who keeps nagging me "Crane ar, dun always be sucha a workaholic larhzz..." Okie, I will keep that in mind ya? :P)

Anyway, all the extra days of work do pays off though, coz there's extra $$ & extra off days to compensate, so I kinda rested for a total of 7days this week. Been able to go karaoke with my cousins (which was super fun, we should meet up more often!), shopped alot lately.. bought 2 dresses & 3 tops & 2 t-shirts for my brother (dats what happens when i dun have a bf to buy clothes for.. haha..), been a bookworm for 2days and finished 2 novels, honed my culinary skills, work-out pretty much at Amore & caught a lovely movie as well.. so on the whole, my off days are pretty much well spent.

Oh and the best part of it all, had a fruitful time in the zoo celebrating fishee's bday, (gosh.. its like ages since i last went to the zoo.. think i was like 6 or 7 years old then), had a great time cooing at the cute penguins, amused at the way the elephants reached out to the bucket which was hanged onto the tree to get their food.
Apparently that is kinda like a scheme that the elephants have to go through so that they dun lose their wildlife survivor skills by getting their own food and to keep them entertained as well. Also the elephants have this overseas breeding exchange programme where they are sent to other countries to mate.. interesting..

Its wonderful to be able to enjoy my life like that, the only regret is that, the lack in that special someone...

P.S. I still love you...

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