Thursday, January 21, 2010

A normal work day in a city life, going around town for meetings...
Whenever in the cab... 

My Burberry Black Bag - Checked
Laptop - Checked 

Contents in my Bag...
Iphone - Checked
Ipod - Checked
House Keys - Checked
LV Wallet - Checked
Loewe Coin Purse - Checked
Coach Namecard Holder - Checked
Kikki. K Leather Vouchers & Receipts Holder - Checked
Moleskine Notebook - Checked
Montblanc Pen - Checked
Bag Holder - Checked
Christian Dior Shades - Checked
Mints - Checked 
Tissue Packets (at least 3) - Checked
Laptop Charger - Checked
Agnes B Cosmetic Bag - Checked

Contents in my Cosmetic Bag...
Christian DiorKiss Lippie - Checked
Lancome Juicytube Lipgloss - Checked
Bobbi Brown Quad EyeColor Palette - Checked
Lancome Eye Liner - Checked
Estee Lauder MagnaScopic Mascara - Checked
Clinique Fresh Bloom Blusher & Mini Brusher Brush - Checked
Stila Face Powder with Mirror - Checked
Pack of Oil Blotters - Checked
Hansaplast Plasters - Checked (A must for blistery feet from high-heels)
Loccitane (travel-packed) Handcream - Checked
A few mini vials of Issey Miyake Perfume - Checked

Man ask me: Whoa, what & how much stuffs did you have in your bag?!!
I replied: (laughs)(Still checking) Not much, just 2 items with 30 items in them.. heehee... 
Man: ............?!!!

1 comment:

Geraldine said...

Hi Shufen :) Checking in to your blog after a really really long time. (from JiaWen's very very outdated blog) haha, just had to comment that whatever's in our handbags are very similar! Except that I + water bottle and - the entire cosmetic bag for now, except for my little perfume vials, because I like to leave the guys guessing how much make up I actually have on. LoL (which is usually nothing)

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