Thursday, November 27, 2008

BleSSing oR TortuRe?

23rd November marks the 1st day of my 2 weeks ordeal that I have to endure...
Coz I am down with Chickenpox.
Come to think of it, years back when I was still a teenager, I used to tell myself how lucky I was to not been plagued by the virus which causes horror stories of having ugly marks on your face and body and the uncontrollable itch...

Now, with my hectic work schedule and my studies all have to put on hold, I feared for the inconvenience more than anything else.. and the unforeseen financial market..

Pple envied that I can have a break & rest.. but seriously in such uncertain times, I rather not.

Thus all in all, I will rather have it when I was younger, at least I won't have any recollection of the whole ordeal...

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