Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Self-denial Realist

In all my years from being an athlete to being the organizer for fashion shows & amidst holding 3 jobs at the same time, I was hailed as the "wonderwoman" in the eyes of friends.

However, that was the past, I guess age has really caught up with me that I can really say that I no longer can withstand the amount of work on my shoulders. Its time that I have to let my body has its well-deserved rest which had been delayed for the longest time ever.

Its the recent saga of having kidney infection that landed me in the hospital, that sets me thinking that all these years of hard work & effort didn't really paid off as what I had expected. Sadly to say, I have to be woken up from my self-denial state of mentality in such an unwanted & dangerous situation to realise that being constantly pushing myself too hard is actually killing me.

The fact that I "used to" love my job & the adrenaline that drives me to do better didn't help much either. I admit I was very much ambitious & constantly uncontented, but who isn't when one wants to have the luxury to retire early & enjoy life?!

Well, at least now I have learned to take things slowly & once in a while "heck, I just want to relax, that can wait.."

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